AfterHours is a service available to BuildingPulse customers to flexibly schedule and manage tenant after hours requests of Lighting and HVAC in their buildings from Apple iOS & macOS, Android OS, and the web.


AfterHours enables BuildingPulse customers to create tenancies and tenant accounts and assign locations from BuildingPulse flexibly to them. Tenants may then schedule heating and air conditioning for these locations, and the events will be billed to their tenancy based on the billing rate of the location.




  • Support multiple buildings across multiple sites as easily as one
  • Access to service supported by iOS, Android, macOS, and the web
  • Create any number of tenancies and tenants
  • Tenancies can be given discounts independently
  • Secure email verified logins for all accounts
  • Monthly usage reports with a email delivery option
  • View current building schedules anytime for your locations
  • AfterHours is NABERS compliant



New Features in 2.2


  • Support for daily, weekly, and monthly recurring bookings
  • View and delete upcoming bookings
  • Notification for last booking in a series
  • Support for multiple tenant accounts under one login
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements


Tenant admins and tenants have different capabilities. Since tenant admins have the ability to create tenant accounts, once a BuildingPulse customer creates a tenancy and assigns locations, most of the tenant specifics can be managed by a tenant admin.


AfterHours generates monthly usage reports per tenancy. All monthly reports are accessible by both AfterHours and BuldingPulse apps. Permitted users can also elect to receive them by email. The usage reports conform to NABERS and include each billable event including start time, end time, location, title of event, duration and cost. A CSV file is normally attached to the report containing more information. A tenancy is charged only if the heating and air conditioning in the building would normally be off.



Access AfterHours with any of these free apps:


AfterHours WebGL


  • Supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • 100% web technology
  • Initial load may be slow


AfterHours iOS


  • Supports all Apple devices running the iOS 9.1 and up
  • Enhanced screens for iPad
  • Tested on all current iOS Devices

AfterHours Android OS


  • Supports many Android devices running version 4.4 (KitKat) and up
  • Enhanced screens for Tablet
  • Tested on Samsung

AfterHours macOS


  • Supports all Macs running macOS 10.11 and later
  • Tested on macOS Sierra
  • Same functionality as iPad

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