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Add Tenant

If your account is a Tenant Admin account, you have the ability to add and manage other Tenant accounts for your Tenancy.


Press the Tenants button.

You will see a list of Tenant accounts in your Tenancy.


Pressing the Add button at the bottom right of the screen will bring up a new Tenant screen.

Please fill out this form as completely and  accurately as you can.


This information will be used by you, and others in your Tenancy, to track who schedules AfterHours' Bookings.


Two important options are at the bottom:


Tenant Admin gives the same admin options you have to the Tenant account you are creating.


Email Usage Reports will send monthly reports on AfterHours usage by the Tenancy to this Tenant. Tenants can change this option later if they desire.


When you have everything filled in, press Done at the top right to create the Tenant account.

You should now see your new account in the list of Tenant accounts.


At this point, you have created the account, but you have not assigned any Locations for this Tenant to schedule.


The next critical step is to Assign Locations to the Tenant account.

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