Create Booking

To start creating a booking, login and press the Bookings button on the screen menu as shown.


You will see a list of Sites that you have been given the ability to schedule.


A Site's name is determined by how it's named in BuildingPulse. Commonly, a partial street address is used.


Select the Site you would like to book from the list.


If the Site you need is not in the list, please contact your Tenant Admin or Building Manager, as Sites can only be added in BuildingPulse.



You should now see a list of Locations in the selected Site that you have been given the ability to schedule.



These Locations should have friendly names that mean something to you.


If the Location is something cryptic like some of the ones shown on the right, please ask your Building Manager exactly what it equates to prior to creating a Booking.


Now select the Location you need for the Booking.

You are now shown a calendar. Select the day you would like to create the Booking on by pressing it.


The screen will show the Building Schedule for that day, and any other Bookings that have been created.


To create your Booking, select the New Booking... button  at the bottom left of the screen.

Enter the details for the Booking.


A couple of things to note:


  • The title field is optional. But it's very helpful later if you are creating multiple bookings on the same day, or if more than one person in your tenancy creates bookings. It will show up on your tenancy's bill.


  • There is a minimum booking time determined by your Building Manager. You will not be able to create a booking for a shorter time period. When you pick the Start of the booking, the End will automatically jump to the minimum length of time.  Of course, you can add minutes to increase the length of the booking.


When you have everything selected, press Create at the bottom of the screen.

Checking the box next to Repeat... will enable a drop down menu with many options for repeating this booking on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


In each case, a Last Date is calculated to help ensure the booking is repeated as expected.


Once you select Create, individual bookings are created for the repeats requested, so it's easy to delete the ones you don't want. Simply delete any unwanted bookings from the Status screen or on the calendar as you would any other booking.

The screen will return to the list of schedules for the day, and include your Booking.


Pressing on a Booking entry will allow you to Delete or Copy the booking.

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